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Are you struggling with spiralling costs, underperforming suppliers, lack of transparency? Read on.

Procurement outsourcing has undergone a considerable change over the past ears, with supplier selection, contract negotiation or specification management becoming more utilized.

With the increased focus on cost, compliance, and transparency, the procurement function is seen as a key strategic component of value creation and a key competitive advantage. To achieve this, like many other outsourcing areas, the decision is to rather create a world-class procurement capability in-house or simply outsource it. It is often that outsourcing the procurement function does not necessarily mean a complete transfer of control but more likely the utilisation of third-party services.

In doing so companies can reduce supply and operational costs, improve compliance and enhance performance.

Procurement outsourcing is often undertaken to leverage economies of scale and improve the execution and control of underperforming / non-core tasks and / poorly managed spend categories.