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Public Relations & Reputation Management

The state of your online reputation can make or break you in the modern digital climate. Every instance your business is mentioned online affects whether customers will find, choose, and trust you.

The goal of Public Relations is to improve the public image of a person or organization. It is equal parts proactive and reactive, and is built on a thorough analysis of the client’s relationship with the public, as well as on rapid responses to unplanned crises, commonly known as “damage control.”

Reputation management is the effort to influence what and how people think of a brand or person when viewed online. Put another way, character is who you are reputation is whom other people think you are, and today reputation is based mainly on what artificial intelligence systems portray about you rather than the first-person experience.

Reputation management goes by a variety of names — online reputation management (ORM), internet reputation management, impression management, rep management, brand perception, or brand reputation management. Whatever you call it, the goal is to shape public perception about a person or business.

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