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Customer experience – getting it right in the store

Customer experience – getting it right in the store

Improving customer experience is something that many companies are recognising as an opportunity to help their company grow and their brand to gain valuable consumer loyalty, but what exactly does this mean? And who can benefit from this strategy?

“Customer experience” is a term that encompasses all the experience that a consumer has with your brand – from walking into your shop to dealing with your call centre and even looking at your marketing flyers. Because it encompasses the whole of your brand in relationship to your consumer, customer experience strategies are complex – involving technology, strategy, marketing, training and staff – from the top of the organisation down.

So why is a positive customer experience important? It sounds like an easily refuted question, but customer experience has only lately developed such a vital role in successful business growth. That’s largely because there are so many effective lines of communication – from online forums to Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms – where your brand can be discussed, reviewed, complained about or complimented in a highly public and powerful stage. As brands compete it is more important than ever that positive influences are passed into these platforms, not so much by the brand itself, but by consumers – a form of highly influential and wide ranging word-of mouth.

The most important place for this positive customer experience to occur is in your store itself where your staff members are dealing with customers on a one-on-one basis. By having your staff trained in how to deal with customers appropriately, how to approach areas of concern and achieve sales and CRM goals effectively, your company will implement one of the first and most significantly beneficial aspects of customer experience.


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At Effectiveness Company, we provide fully trained and experienced staff members for all areas of customer experience – from front-of-line staff to sales, call centre and promotions staff. With our unique toolkit of IT infrastructure process and methodologies, we provide the outsourcing to fill the gap between strategy and implementation. Contact us today for more information on customer experience resources.