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Fed up with old training models? Spent a fortune on training and haven’t received the outcomes you needed? If the answer is yes read on …

Traditional models of training focus on training as a specific mostly once off event and not a process, it is well researched and documented that the life of a single event is generally 6 weeks and that after the period of 3 months, adults retain as little as 10% of what they have heard during the event. (Equaron Research 2004) Followed by a further study by the American Society for training and development (ASTD,2010) they discovered that only 13% of participants applied the learning in the workplace and 3% of training led to an actual impact within he workplace and virtually no impact on the organisation.

This tells us that something must change, old traditional models of training no longer work and this includes change management projects.

We need to absorb the information we don’t learn just by listening to instruction, the information needs to be used experimentally and integrated with their existing knowledge into the environment. When people learn by doing role plays, case studies, simulations etc up to 65% of the knowledge is retained and when they further practice it within the workplace for several weeks, and they are observed and coached, almost all of the learning is retained.

Together with our partners we implement a new kind of training methodology that models the key skills that you don’t want to lose, or that of your high performers and then using a combination of modelling, neuroscience and various other methods, performance is dramatically changed in weeks.

Key skills are transferred, poor performing departments are turned around, change management initiatives work.

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