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In a tough global economy, more and more businesses are turning to employee outsourcing solutions, training and development as a means to optimise business growth. After all, hiring new people who already have the necessary skills is expensive, time-consuming and has no guarantees, since new employees off the street often lack the sense of company loyalty that develops over time.

In times of plenty, companies are more likely to increase spending on new hires because their profit margins are bigger, but in leaner times like today’s market, it makes a lot more sense to give people who are already a part of the company more responsibility, increasing their loyalty. Similarly, outsourced employees who have undergone training are guaranteed to stay in their positions as long as you require them. Their company loyalty will also increase at the same time as their sense of ownership in the brand will be boosted, motivating them to take on responsibility and work harder. This means that companies who invest in outsourcing solutions along with employee training and development are more likely to get the greater returns they are looking for.

This method is also a sound way of reducing necessary hiring costs, as employers can affordably outsource staff for administrative positions and rather move trained, experienced and loyal employees into more senior positions. This method essentially unlocks the valuable leadership potential that already exists within employees rather than having to compete for leaders available on the job market. In this manner, growth can still be achieved in a streamlined, cost-effective manner.

As you can see, training and development takes the form of ‘growth from within’, rather than ‘growth from without’, effectively building, growing and establishing brands in a cost-effective manner that encourages employee loyalty.

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