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Each year, South African companies spend huge amounts on staff training and development – but are they seeing results? When it comes to branded academies, the answer is yes!

This is because branded academies offer the highest quality staff learning experience through courses that are directly aligned with company goals and expectations. Unlike generic training courses, your staff won’t be undertaking training that is general to your industry or requirements. Instead, they will be placed on a course that has been designed by a partnership between your company and our training experts. This results in a complete packaged course that is designed to optimally deliver on your long-term strategic goals and includes:

  • Writing A Customised Training Course
  • The Writing, Designing And Delivery Of Induction Programmes
  • Sourcing Of Credible Skills Training Companies Based On Your Requirements
  • Delivery Of The Course By Certified Training Instructors
  • Marking Of Exams
  • Certification
  • Quality Control For Every Aspect Of The Training Experience

In addition, by outsourcing this company function, your business is aligned for significant reductions in training costs as well as guaranteed results. In this way, outsourced branded academies offer a far more targeted and in-depth training experience. As a result, companies report higher productivity from their staff, a lower staff turnover and employees that are more confident, competent, efficient and creative than before completing the training. All this points to the enhancement of your company as a whole, preparing it efficiently and cost-effectively to take on new, more challenging business opportunities and to compete more effectively for market share.

Contact us at Effectiveness Company today for unique staff training and development opportunities through our recognised branded academies!

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