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As competition for market share grows, so companies are looking for new and improved ways to gain effective employee training and development. Innovative branded academies, like those of Effectiveness Company, are designed to assist businesses in gaining optimal training results by aligning programmes with the client’s strategic objectives.


  • They Offer A Total Training Solution: Branded Academies Offer The Total Package – From Creating Organisation And Goal Specific Courses To Training, Evaluating And Certifying Achievers. This Means That Every Aspect Of The Course Is Aligned With Your Objectives And Deliverable Without Bringing In External Trainers And So Forth.
  • Courses Are Diverse: Training Courses Come In Three Categories, Namely Skills Training, Product Training And Self Directed Training. In Each Of These Categories, The Focus Narrows From General Training To The Specific Goals That Your Company Seeks To Achieve With Its Staff. This Means That Courses Can Be As Specific Or Diverse As You Require Them To Be.
  • The Outcome Is Controlled: A Branded Academy Has Absolute Control Over The Quality Of Coursework, Training Facilitators And Requirements For Certification. This Ensures That Your Company Receives The Proper ROI On This Investment And That Your Employees Are Equipped With The Practical Skills They Need To Move Your Company Forward. It Also Ensures That Your Training Costs Are Kept As Low As Possible.
  • You’re Partnering With The Experts: At Effectiveness Company, We Successfully Train Hundreds Of Thousands Of Individuals Every Year. With Our Proven Track Record And An Emphasis On Constantly Seeking Ways To Deliver Even Better Results, Your Company Is Able To Leverage Considerable Expertise To Achieve Staff Training Goals.

At Effectiveness Company, our aim is to assist you in doing business better – and our Branded Academies are designed to achieve whatever goals and challenges you can put before us. Contact us today and find out more about how our branded academies are moving South African businesses forward through customized training and development!

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