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Labour managed service providers recruit, train and deploy employees for the cellular industry

Labour managed service providers recruit, train and deploy employees for the cellular industry

Is your company struggling to find suitable candidates to fill vital positions? Labour managed services can relieve you of this time-consuming burden by taking care of the entire recruitment process, from sourcing individuals with the right attitude and equipping them with the necessary skills to deploying them to where they are needed most.

The skills shortage in South Africa is a well-known issue that is affecting individual businesses as well as the economy as a whole. Unfortunately, this situation is common around the globe, so finding the right candidates to carry out essential business functions is highly competitive. Often, this means that companies will take on individuals who don’t have sufficient skills or expertise and try to train them on the job, but this can often result in high costs and the loss of valuable time. We find this to be particularly relevant in the cellular and retail industry.

Labour managed services aim to remove this issue through an innovative solution. By sourcing individuals who suit the corporate environment, training them in a wide range of skill sets and to work with the latest software, you can have the staff you need at a moment’s notice. Labour managed services are about getting you the perfect candidates without having to involve yourself in tedious recruitment processes that will further pressure your Human Resources Department. Your outsourcing partner will know exactly what your specifications are and will personally deliver individuals that will perform over and above your expectations.


  • Payroll Functions (Including Database Management, Transaction Processing And Debtors Management)
  • Labour Relations
  • Staff Management
  • Back Office Management
  • And Much More

When you partner with a company that is willing to go above and beyond to deliver quality staff, you know that you’re getting a solution that you can trust to deliver measurable results.

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