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Drive performance and keep labour costs low with Labour Managed Services

Drive performance and keep labour costs low with Labour Managed Services

Do you want to decrease your company’s labour costs while increasing performance? Labour managed services are the right choice for you. Often, companies are unable to efficiently manage certain aspects of day-to-day business because their functions are not as streamlined or up-to-date as they should be or because they simply cannot find the individuals with the appropriate skillsets to take on the job.

These companies can fall into the trap of trying to make do, a practise that usually results in over-spending on certain functions that are not justifying the expenses. Often companies end up being forced to attempt a comprehensive overhaul of various departments. Unless they have the right guidance during this process, it could result in them spending a significant amount of money and ending up just where they started.

It’s for these reasons that companies who are in the business of addressing skills shortages have developed targeted, top quality labour management services. They will discover potential employees, train them and give them the experience they need to directly address specific business goals – all on your behalf. This will essentially give you the right people at the right time as part of an affordable solution – ensuring that you have productive, skilled employees that will be able to streamline your business functions and positively affect efficiency and performance throughout your company.


  1. Scouting For Talent. Taking On Your Own Recruitment Is A Time-Consuming And Largely Unproductive Task That Will Keep Your HR Staff Away From Core Business Functions. Rather Outsource This Task To Professionals Who Can Get You The People You Need.
  2. Training. It’s No Secret That There Is A National Skills Shortage, But Let A Specialist Outsourcing Company Take On That Challenge. They Will Find People With The Attitude That You Require And Equip Them With The Exact Skills That You’re Looking For.
  3. Payroll. Payroll Tasks Can Become Overwhelming For Your Staff And It’s One Of The Easiest Processes To Outsource. Keep Your Current Staff To Work On Core Business Functions While An Outsourcing Company Take Care Of These Repetitive But Essential Tasks.

Don’t let your company become a victim of the skills shortage or get overwhelmed by essential but time-consuming tasks. The Effectiveness Company specialises in providing employees with the right skills to take on a wide range of business functions with an efficiency that will bring you guaranteed, measurable results.

Contact us today and find out how we can increase your company’s performance while keeping your labour costs down with our labour managed services!

Research shows that Labour Managed services delivers cost savings in the retail industry

Research shows that Labour Managed services delivers cost savings in the retail industry

In an increasingly competitive global economy, research has shown that companies in the retail industry are turning towards labour managed services as one of the most effective means to drive down costs. Utilising this solution doesn’t mean that the quality of your products or services will decrease – on the contrary, these will improve measurably if you have the right partner.


  • You’ll Get The People And Skills You Need, When You Need Them.

The current skills shortage is resulting in companies struggling to find the right candidates to fill vacant positions. Often, companies have to select a candidate that doesn’t really fit the job description and this means that they’ll have to spend time and money on training and preparing the individual to take on their new responsibilities. The right outsourcing partner will relieve you of this very serious issue by discovering candidates and taking on their training so that they can be deployed to your company at a moment’s notice.

  • Your Company Will Become Highly Dynamic.

As companies grow and evolve, so their needs change. You may require a call centre at first, but later decide that what really suits your company is a larger HR department. A few years on, it may change again. By having a reliable outsourcing partner, you can address these changing needs quickly and without a hassle. The people you no longer require at your company will be redeployed to other companies and the staff you need to fill other departments will be appointed quickly in their place. This is the most effective way to drive costs down as it reduces asset waste and increases performance potential very quickly.

  • Your Staff Will Have More Time To Work On Core Business Functions.

Often, HR staff can become overwhelmed by the time-consuming nature of many of their functions. The processes can easily become out-dated and excessive numbers of employees will focus on these issues rather than core business functions. By outsourcing these functions, your staff will have the time and energy to focus solely on core business goals, increasing their performance and the value of their input.

Labour managed services are about reducing the skills shortage while giving businesses the opportunities to affordably out-source essential but time-consuming non-core tasks. Contact the Effectiveness Company today and find out how we can deliver cost-saving solutions with our labour managed services!

Labour managed service providers recruit, train and deploy employees for the cellular industry

Labour managed service providers recruit, train and deploy employees for the cellular industry

Is your company struggling to find suitable candidates to fill vital positions? Labour managed services can relieve you of this time-consuming burden by taking care of the entire recruitment process, from sourcing individuals with the right attitude and equipping them with the necessary skills to deploying them to where they are needed most.

The skills shortage in South Africa is a well-known issue that is affecting individual businesses as well as the economy as a whole. Unfortunately, this situation is common around the globe, so finding the right candidates to carry out essential business functions is highly competitive. Often, this means that companies will take on individuals who don’t have sufficient skills or expertise and try to train them on the job, but this can often result in high costs and the loss of valuable time. We find this to be particularly relevant in the cellular and retail industry.

Labour managed services aim to remove this issue through an innovative solution. By sourcing individuals who suit the corporate environment, training them in a wide range of skill sets and to work with the latest software, you can have the staff you need at a moment’s notice. Labour managed services are about getting you the perfect candidates without having to involve yourself in tedious recruitment processes that will further pressure your Human Resources Department. Your outsourcing partner will know exactly what your specifications are and will personally deliver individuals that will perform over and above your expectations.


  • Payroll Functions (Including Database Management, Transaction Processing And Debtors Management)
  • Labour Relations
  • Staff Management
  • Back Office Management
  • And Much More

When you partner with a company that is willing to go above and beyond to deliver quality staff, you know that you’re getting a solution that you can trust to deliver measurable results.

Contact the Effectiveness Company today and find out more about our labour managed services and how we can find the right people for your company.

Labour managed service providers recruit, train and deploy employees for the cellular industry

Mitigate the costs and risks of employment with Labour Managed services

When you partner with a labour managed service provider, you’re not only rapidly acquiring the skills your company needs to complete vital business functions – you’re reducing the costs and risks associated with directly employing individuals.

Because of the global skills shortage, without labour managed services you may find yourself having to hire someone who doesn’t have the right requirements for the position that you are offering. This means that your company will have to invest significant time and money in that individual and train them up to take on the responsibilities of the job. During this training time, you are unlikely to see much of a return on your investment and because there is such a high demand for skilled individuals, there is a very real chance that your employee may move to another company before you see any real returns.

There are legal measures you can take to try and prevent these situations from occurring, but there are ways to circumvent them, as these contracts will usually allow an employee to be bought out. Although you will get your monetary investment back, you will have lost considerable time and still be lacking the skilled staff members that are so vital to growth and success.

Labour managed services mitigate these costs and risks by providing affordable outsourcing solutions that will deliver the skills you need, as you need them. These services are tailor-made and are highly flexible, allowing your company to reconfigure and redeploy staff members as and when your business strategy calls for it. If your need for certain staff is reduced at any point in the future, your partner will simply redeploy those people to companies where their skills are needed. Similarly, if your business strategy calls for the expansion of certain business functions, more qualified candidates can be brought into the company quickly.

The Effectiveness Company is a specialist outsourcing company that provides employees with the appropriate skills and experience needed to bring you guaranteed, measurable results while mitigating the costs and risks associated with hiring your own employees.

Contact us today and find out how we can assist you through our labour managed services!

Dr Suzanne Ravenall speaks about Labour Managed Services in an interview with CEO Magazine

Dr Suzanne Ravenall speaks about Labour Managed Services in an interview with CEO Magazine

Our Chief Executive Officer, Dr Suzanne Ravenall, was recently featured in CEO Magazine. The focus of the article was the latest trend in business: Labour Managed Services, which offers a definitive difference to existing provision of labour services across the entire labour spectrum.

In the article, Ravenall explains, it offers clients who need the right quality of staff the solution of employing and integrating people who can be fully active in their business in the shortest possible time. This can be done on a contract or a permanent basis.

“Finding the right staff remains one of the biggest challenges for any business today. As an established outsourcing business, we are good at finding the right behaviour and then equipping these incumbents with the skills they need to be successful employees in the shortest time possible – in all the business sectors we deal in,” Ravenall explained in the article.


Here at Effectiveness Company, we can source up to 600 competent matches within a week. The difference is that we up-train all the people we find to the level where they can walk into their positions, without the lag usually caused by a new employee coming in and having to find his/her feet, learn the ropes as it were and settle into a productive job situation.

What makes labour managed services particularly useful for businesses is that it’s not just about providing bodies, it’s about providing tailor-made staffing solutions. Effectiveness Company provides skilled people ready to perform their duties upon entering the client’s business.

“We have identified a need across the board for competent staff with the ability to deliver from the moment they arrive in the business. Apart from training staff prior to placement at the client’s behest and according to individual needs, we also manage the staff internally. Therefore the staff members remain in our employ and are working under contract to us, and paid by us,” explained Ravenall.

One of the aspects that further sets Effectiveness Company’s solutions apart from the rest is the fact they also provide interim management staffing solutions by bringing trained managers into client operations where there is a need or a temporary shortfall.

“We can either supply trained staff to be incorporated into a client’s business as fulltime staff paid by the client, or we can offer a staffing solution with a managed services aspect,” said Ravenall.

Ravenall concluded by advising South African companies to tackle the skills shortage head-on. “In today’s economic climate, partnering with organisations such as The Effectiveness Company can alleviate some of the stresses involved with this hot topic. Job creation – sustainable jobs, that is – we are all in this together and everyone can make a difference,” said Ravenall.

If you are interested in learning more about our Labour Managed Servicescontact us today.