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When you partner with a labour managed service provider, you’re not only rapidly acquiring the skills your company needs to complete vital business functions – you’re reducing the costs and risks associated with directly employing individuals.

Because of the global skills shortage, without labour managed services you may find yourself having to hire someone who doesn’t have the right requirements for the position that you are offering. This means that your company will have to invest significant time and money in that individual and train them up to take on the responsibilities of the job. During this training time, you are unlikely to see much of a return on your investment and because there is such a high demand for skilled individuals, there is a very real chance that your employee may move to another company before you see any real returns.

There are legal measures you can take to try and prevent these situations from occurring, but there are ways to circumvent them, as these contracts will usually allow an employee to be bought out. Although you will get your monetary investment back, you will have lost considerable time and still be lacking the skilled staff members that are so vital to growth and success.

Labour managed services mitigate these costs and risks by providing affordable outsourcing solutions that will deliver the skills you need, as you need them. These services are tailor-made and are highly flexible, allowing your company to reconfigure and redeploy staff members as and when your business strategy calls for it. If your need for certain staff is reduced at any point in the future, your partner will simply redeploy those people to companies where their skills are needed. Similarly, if your business strategy calls for the expansion of certain business functions, more qualified candidates can be brought into the company quickly.

The Effectiveness Company is a specialist outsourcing company that provides employees with the appropriate skills and experience needed to bring you guaranteed, measurable results while mitigating the costs and risks associated with hiring your own employees.

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