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Research shows that Labour Managed services delivers cost savings in the retail industry

Research shows that Labour Managed services delivers cost savings in the retail industry

In an increasingly competitive global economy, research has shown that companies in the retail industry are turning towards labour managed services as one of the most effective means to drive down costs. Utilising this solution doesn’t mean that the quality of your products or services will decrease – on the contrary, these will improve measurably if you have the right partner.


  • You’ll Get The People And Skills You Need, When You Need Them.

The current skills shortage is resulting in companies struggling to find the right candidates to fill vacant positions. Often, companies have to select a candidate that doesn’t really fit the job description and this means that they’ll have to spend time and money on training and preparing the individual to take on their new responsibilities. The right outsourcing partner will relieve you of this very serious issue by discovering candidates and taking on their training so that they can be deployed to your company at a moment’s notice.

  • Your Company Will Become Highly Dynamic.

As companies grow and evolve, so their needs change. You may require a call centre at first, but later decide that what really suits your company is a larger HR department. A few years on, it may change again. By having a reliable outsourcing partner, you can address these changing needs quickly and without a hassle. The people you no longer require at your company will be redeployed to other companies and the staff you need to fill other departments will be appointed quickly in their place. This is the most effective way to drive costs down as it reduces asset waste and increases performance potential very quickly.

  • Your Staff Will Have More Time To Work On Core Business Functions.

Often, HR staff can become overwhelmed by the time-consuming nature of many of their functions. The processes can easily become out-dated and excessive numbers of employees will focus on these issues rather than core business functions. By outsourcing these functions, your staff will have the time and energy to focus solely on core business goals, increasing their performance and the value of their input.

Labour managed services are about reducing the skills shortage while giving businesses the opportunities to affordably out-source essential but time-consuming non-core tasks. Contact the Effectiveness Company today and find out how we can deliver cost-saving solutions with our labour managed services!