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It is often emphasised that staff training and development adds considerable value to a company, but how exactly does it do this and is it really an investment rather than an expense? Here’s a comprehensive answer from Effectiveness Company, a leading human resources outsourcing and training company:

  • It Helps You To Address Employee Weaknesses. Every Individual In A Workforce Has Strengths And Weaknesses That Influence Their Ability To Perform Effectively. Training Them Will Ensure That They Have The Tools To Overcome These Challenges, Overall Ensuring That The Workforce As A Whole Is Reliable, Skilled And Able To Perform.
  • It Brings Consistency To The Workplace. Training A Department As A Whole To Take On Particular Tasks Efficiently And Ethically Means That All Your Business Processes And Procedures Will Be Executed In A Uniform Manner, Something That Ensures Quality Control And Eliminates Confusion And Human Error. This Is Especially Vital When It Comes To Back Office Administration And Human Resources Tasks.
  • It Plays An Active Role In Reducing The Skills Shortage – And Saves You Recruitment Expenses. Many Companies Feel That Training And Development Is More Of An Expense Than An Investment, As They Are Enhancing Staff CV Rather Than Committing To New Hires. While That Is Occasionally The Case, As There Is A Skills Shortage In South Africa, It Makes A Lot More Sense To Invest In A Current Employee Than Waste Time And Money Looking For Someone New. The Right Way To Approach Training Is To Ensure That You Are Selecting Employees That Have The Right Attitude, Drive And Commitment To Company Goals – That Way, You Can Be Sure To Reap Great Returns. As A Leading HR Outsourcing Provider, We Can Supplement Your Workforce At Any Stage With Fully Trained And Highly Skilled Employees.
  • It Will Help Your Company Reduce Costs. Training Costs Money, But It Doesn’t Cost Nearly As Much As Wasted Resources, Time, Human Error And Accidents Do. When Your Staff Are Fully Trained And Equipped With The Right Knowledge, They’ll Work More Efficiently, Streamline Your Business Processes And Use Resources At Optimal Efficiency. An Effective, Affordable Alternative Is To Hire Fully Trained Individuals From An Outsourcing Company.
  • It Encourages Self-Reliance. Many Companies Suffer From The Results Of Ill-Equipped Employees Who Are Overly Reliant On The Assistance Of Managers In Order To Do Their Jobs. With Well-Trained And Self-Reliant Employees, Your Managers Will Be Able To Work On Core Business Functions And Know That They Will Get Quality Output From Their Departments Without Having To Constantly Give Direction.

Whether you choose to invest in customised outsourcing solutions or are looking for training and development for your staff, with us you can start reaping the rewards of a more efficient workplace today! Contact us today.

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