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Modern companies have found significant value in empowering their employees – especially through skills training and development. Unfortunately, there are few regulations governing the quality of different training programmes and often companies don’t get to have much input into the direction that course modules take. This is where corporate universities, often known as branded academies, come into play.

These training and coaching programmes are designed with more than a profit in mind. They are specialised spheres in which targeted courses are designed with one-on-one input from the company requesting the course. This allows them to create courses that are as targeted, specific or comprehensive as the client would like – dealing with challenges specific to their staff, department industry and company. These academies also provide a total training package in order to have complete quality control over the coursework, training delivery and certification process. In addition, this also allows you to have complete control of the training budget, lowering your training costs while getting you the results you’re looking for.

Because employees are trained more effectively at corporate universities, the results – in terms of empowerment, upliftment and general positivity – are more pronounced and long lasting. Staff who have experienced this level of training have increased confidence in their skills and in their ability to learn, making them more flexible about taking on new technology and processes. They will be more efficient at their jobs, able to take on more projects and responsibility – all with a positive attitude. As a result, this highly effective staff training is a worthwhile investment, bringing an increase in productivity, teamwork and your company’s ability to expand its market share.

Contact us today and find out more about our branded academies – and join the ranks of other companies experiencing the benefits of exceptional employee training and development!

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