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With a significant rise in mobile devices, BYOD (or Bring Your Own Device) has become a top trend, affecting all aspects of business process management. According to Gartner, 70 percent of mobile professionals will conduct their work on personal devices by 2018 – and that shows that this trend isn’t set to disappear any time soon. So what does this mean for businesses?

This workplace concept presents a few interesting challenges because of the diversity and capabilities of these devices – issues that need to be overcome in the face of an ever more mobile online community and office space.

The biggest issue for business process design is security – mobile devices can sign into company applications from unsecured networks at home, at the shopping mall and even in a restaurant. This puts intellectual property and sensitive information at high risk. The best ways for businesses to counter these risks is to:

  • Ensure That The BPM Software They Are Using Complies With The Level Of Security At Your Workplace And Prohibits Access For Hardware That Isn’t Pre-Approved.
  • Educate Staff Members On The Proper Protocols For Accessing Business Information On Mobile Devises.
  • Implement Software That Classifies And Limits Access To Information.
  • Perform Regular Audits On How The Information Is Being Used And By Whom.

Once these security measures are in place, your business will start to reap the rewards of BYOD – most significantly, that your employees can access work materials, complete jobs and set up meetings wherever they are in the world. This also allows employees to work more flexible hours, improving efficiency and a positive work environment.

Another way to ensure the security of your resources is to employ innovative human resources solutions from a professional outsourcing company that is dedicated to supplying ethical, responsible and highly trained staff. This way, your company can ensure from the beginning that employees understand the risks and rewards of BYOD and know how to work with this technology to achieve business goals effectively.

Contact Effectiveness Company today to find out more about business analysis, business process re-engineering tools and quality human resources outsourcing solutions that allow for secure, efficient BYOD strategies.

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