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Training and development: The value of equipping your employees

Training and development: The value of equipping your employees

It is often emphasised that staff training and development adds considerable value to a company, but how exactly does it do this and is it really an investment rather than an expense? Here’s a comprehensive answer from Effectiveness Company, a leading human resources outsourcing and training company:

  • It Helps You To Address Employee Weaknesses. Every Individual In A Workforce Has Strengths And Weaknesses That Influence Their Ability To Perform Effectively. Training Them Will Ensure That They Have The Tools To Overcome These Challenges, Overall Ensuring That The Workforce As A Whole Is Reliable, Skilled And Able To Perform.
  • It Brings Consistency To The Workplace. Training A Department As A Whole To Take On Particular Tasks Efficiently And Ethically Means That All Your Business Processes And Procedures Will Be Executed In A Uniform Manner, Something That Ensures Quality Control And Eliminates Confusion And Human Error. This Is Especially Vital When It Comes To Back Office Administration And Human Resources Tasks.
  • It Plays An Active Role In Reducing The Skills Shortage – And Saves You Recruitment Expenses. Many Companies Feel That Training And Development Is More Of An Expense Than An Investment, As They Are Enhancing Staff CV Rather Than Committing To New Hires. While That Is Occasionally The Case, As There Is A Skills Shortage In South Africa, It Makes A Lot More Sense To Invest In A Current Employee Than Waste Time And Money Looking For Someone New. The Right Way To Approach Training Is To Ensure That You Are Selecting Employees That Have The Right Attitude, Drive And Commitment To Company Goals – That Way, You Can Be Sure To Reap Great Returns. As A Leading HR Outsourcing Provider, We Can Supplement Your Workforce At Any Stage With Fully Trained And Highly Skilled Employees.
  • It Will Help Your Company Reduce Costs. Training Costs Money, But It Doesn’t Cost Nearly As Much As Wasted Resources, Time, Human Error And Accidents Do. When Your Staff Are Fully Trained And Equipped With The Right Knowledge, They’ll Work More Efficiently, Streamline Your Business Processes And Use Resources At Optimal Efficiency. An Effective, Affordable Alternative Is To Hire Fully Trained Individuals From An Outsourcing Company.
  • It Encourages Self-Reliance. Many Companies Suffer From The Results Of Ill-Equipped Employees Who Are Overly Reliant On The Assistance Of Managers In Order To Do Their Jobs. With Well-Trained And Self-Reliant Employees, Your Managers Will Be Able To Work On Core Business Functions And Know That They Will Get Quality Output From Their Departments Without Having To Constantly Give Direction.

Whether you choose to invest in customised outsourcing solutions or are looking for training and development for your staff, with us you can start reaping the rewards of a more efficient workplace today! Contact us today.

Training and development: The value of equipping your employees

Training and development insights: 3 ways product training can drive sales in your business

In many businesses, there are sales teams that are responsible for the flow of new business, but many businesses forget about training and development for these essential staff members. They’ve trained them in the use of their system, to communicate effectively with clients and meet cold calling targets – and then they stop. What they’ve forgotten is one of the most beneficial forms of sales training: product training. Fortunately, there are outsourcing companies that specialise in this field, achieving measurable results through a combination of staff training and the outsourcing of experienced, fully trained staff members.

Even though this team knows what your product is and how it can be used, this general knowledge is simply not enough when it comes to truly realising the team’s potential.


  • Increase Customer Loyalty. Customer Loyalty Is Simply The Relationship You Build With Consumers That Stops Them From Looking At Your Competitor’s Products. When A Consumer Speaks To A Member Of The Sales Team And He/She Speaks About The Product In-Depth About It’s Relevance To The Consumer’s Query, The Consumer Feels That Your Company Is Confident In Your Product – That It Is Reliable And High Quality – And This Makes Them More Likely To Return To You Again And Again.
  • Your Sales Team Won’t Make Promises You Can’t Keep. It’s Your Sales Team’s Job To Do Whatever It Takes To Make A Sale, But If They Don’t Know Your Products Well Enough, They Could End Up Making Promises That Your Company Can’t Keep. Although This May Increase Sales In The Short Term, The Long-Term Effects Will Be That Your Products Will Be Returned And Your Customers Will Complain About Them Not Meeting Their Expectations. When Your Sales Team Can Make Promises That You Can Deliver On, It Builds Your Company A Reputation Of Honesty And Quality – And Customers Will Turn To You Because They Can Trust You.
  • Become A Solutions Provider. Selling A Product Is Just The End Result Of A Process  – And To Make That Process More Effective, Training Can Turn Your Sales Team Into Expert Solutions Providers. Often, Today’s Consumers Will Contact A Salesperson With A Problem They Are Experiencing Rather Than A Specific Product That That They Are Looking For. By Knowing Your Products Intimately, Your Sales Team Can Suggest Solutions That Are A Fit For That Particular Issue Rather Than Selling A Product That Will Be Ineffective. This Builds A Consumer Relationship That Is Based On Trust And Goodwill That Converts Directly Into New Sales.

For employee training and development and leading outsourcing solutions that will help your sales team reach new heights, contact Effectiveness Company today!

Training and development: The value of equipping your employees

A look at how training and development acts a business growth tool

In a tough global economy, more and more businesses are turning to employee outsourcing solutions, training and development as a means to optimise business growth. After all, hiring new people who already have the necessary skills is expensive, time-consuming and has no guarantees, since new employees off the street often lack the sense of company loyalty that develops over time.

In times of plenty, companies are more likely to increase spending on new hires because their profit margins are bigger, but in leaner times like today’s market, it makes a lot more sense to give people who are already a part of the company more responsibility, increasing their loyalty. Similarly, outsourced employees who have undergone training are guaranteed to stay in their positions as long as you require them. Their company loyalty will also increase at the same time as their sense of ownership in the brand will be boosted, motivating them to take on responsibility and work harder. This means that companies who invest in outsourcing solutions along with employee training and development are more likely to get the greater returns they are looking for.

This method is also a sound way of reducing necessary hiring costs, as employers can affordably outsource staff for administrative positions and rather move trained, experienced and loyal employees into more senior positions. This method essentially unlocks the valuable leadership potential that already exists within employees rather than having to compete for leaders available on the job market. In this manner, growth can still be achieved in a streamlined, cost-effective manner.

As you can see, training and development takes the form of ‘growth from within’, rather than ‘growth from without’, effectively building, growing and establishing brands in a cost-effective manner that encourages employee loyalty.

For more information on human resources outsourcing and employee training and development courses for a diverse set of industries from an industry leader in South Africa, contact Effectiveness Company today.

Training and development: The value of equipping your employees

Can outsourced branded academies improve training and development?

As competition for market share grows, so companies are looking for new and improved ways to gain effective employee training and development. Innovative branded academies, like those of Effectiveness Company, are designed to assist businesses in gaining optimal training results by aligning programmes with the client’s strategic objectives.


  • They Offer A Total Training Solution: Branded Academies Offer The Total Package – From Creating Organisation And Goal Specific Courses To Training, Evaluating And Certifying Achievers. This Means That Every Aspect Of The Course Is Aligned With Your Objectives And Deliverable Without Bringing In External Trainers And So Forth.
  • Courses Are Diverse: Training Courses Come In Three Categories, Namely Skills Training, Product Training And Self Directed Training. In Each Of These Categories, The Focus Narrows From General Training To The Specific Goals That Your Company Seeks To Achieve With Its Staff. This Means That Courses Can Be As Specific Or Diverse As You Require Them To Be.
  • The Outcome Is Controlled: A Branded Academy Has Absolute Control Over The Quality Of Coursework, Training Facilitators And Requirements For Certification. This Ensures That Your Company Receives The Proper ROI On This Investment And That Your Employees Are Equipped With The Practical Skills They Need To Move Your Company Forward. It Also Ensures That Your Training Costs Are Kept As Low As Possible.
  • You’re Partnering With The Experts: At Effectiveness Company, We Successfully Train Hundreds Of Thousands Of Individuals Every Year. With Our Proven Track Record And An Emphasis On Constantly Seeking Ways To Deliver Even Better Results, Your Company Is Able To Leverage Considerable Expertise To Achieve Staff Training Goals.

At Effectiveness Company, our aim is to assist you in doing business better – and our Branded Academies are designed to achieve whatever goals and challenges you can put before us. Contact us today and find out more about how our branded academies are moving South African businesses forward through customized training and development!

Training and development: The value of equipping your employees

How branded academies drive productivity with employee training and development

Branded academies – like those offered by Effectiveness Company – are instrumental in cementing the positive relationship between training and development and productivity.

They do this by offering individual companies and departments a high-quality total training package that is completely aligned with their specific goals and training requirements. By making training a highly targeted, goal-oriented process that isn’t just industry-specific but also company specific, the results of the training are also more focussed and applicable.


  • Higher Morale – As Staff Members Have The Tools To Do Their Jobs Efficiently. This Confidence Increases Employee Motivation And Job Satisfaction.
  • Increased Flexibility – As Staff Members Become More Aware Of Their Potential In The Workplace. Their Ability To Learn And Achieve Creates A Willingness To Continue On That Path Of Development To Learn And Master New Technologies, Systems And Processes. This Also Assists Staff In Realising Their Potential To Actively Participate In The Company, Creating A Creative And Innovative Workforce.
  • Higher Retention – As Employees Feel More Valued In Their Workplace, So Staff Turnover Decreases. This Creates A More Stable Work Environment Where Positive Team Dynamics Can Effectively Develop And Mature.

This overall leads to a measurable increase in productivity, leading to potential financial gains for the company, an enhanced company image and reputation as well as a more efficient, creative and cost-saving workforce.

Branded academies play a significant role in assisting companies in getting the most out of the staff training and development process. Contact us today to find out more about creating a more productive workforce!